Snow Teeth Whitening Lawsuit Guide

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These days, everything is about saving money. Companies are finding ways to make money by offering affordable products and services that are generally deemed too expensive.

Teeth whitening products are no different. Consumers scramble to find the best product that can give them pearly white teeth—which is why Snow has become such a popular brand. 

However, everyone hasn’t been satisfied with their results from Snow whitening products. In fact, the lawsuit brought against the company regarding their at-home whitening kit states that the company has created a fraudulent scheme to deceive customers. Below is more information about the details of the Snow class-action lawsuit.

What is Snow Teeth Whitening LLC?

Snow is a company that provides teeth whitening products to consumers. Their products include items such as teeth whitening kits, electric toothbrushes, whitening powders, and whitening strips.

One of their most popular products is their at-home teeth whitening kit that includes whitening serum and an LED mouthpiece for extra whitening.

This product has been featured in mainstream media on television shows like Ellen and The Doctors.

What Does Snow Teeth Whitening Kit Claim to Do?

Snow Teeth Whitening

The Snow whitening kit claims to whiten your teeth at home without the help of a professional dentist. The product says that it’ll begin to whiten stains from soda, smoking, and coffee within minutes.

The whitening serum includes the ingredients needed to remove stains, while the LED light helps to activate the process. The appeal of Snow products is that they can provide the same teeth whitening results at home for a fraction of the price.

Not only that, but the kit is simple to use. Customers are instructed to start the process by brushing their teeth for at least two minutes. Then they are to floss and rinse their mouth. The next step is to apply the Snow whitening serum to each tooth. Next, after the serum is applied over all over the teeth, the LED light mouthpiece should be put in.

Customers are advised to keep the device in for at least 10 to 30 minutes. Lastly, once the light process is complete, the mouthpiece can be taken out, and the whitening process is over.

How Did the Snow Class Action Lawsuit Come About?

An unhappy customer by the name of Burton Kraus filed a class-action lawsuit for $5 million against Snow Teeth Whitening and its founder, Joshua Elizetxe. The suit claims that the whitening kit is too expensive at its retail price of nearly $200. It states that the unreasonably priced product is cheap, fraudulent, and ineffective.

The lawsuit also states that Snow has purposely put together an elaborate scheme to deceive customers. This case bashes Snow for claiming that their products don’t cause tooth sensitivity. However, the company contradicts itself by selling add-on products that are made for sensitive teeth.

The lawsuit brought about by Kraus further complains that the whitening kit makes false claims by stating that results are seen in as little as 3 days. Apparently, that isn’t true.

Furthermore, claims made in this lawsuit outlines that the Snow whitening kit falsely advertises by suggesting that the blue LED light combined with hydrogen peroxide protects customers from bacteria and germs.

Another advertisement made by the company proposes that the red light option will also prevent infections. However, there have been no studies to substantiate those claims. According to the suit, the overpriced red and blue lights only enhance the antiseptic properties of hydrogen peroxide.

Alleged False Claims Made by Snow’s Founder

Snow Teeth Whitening

Apparently, Snow’s founder, Joshua Elizetxe, has made false claims. According to statements made in the lawsuit, Elizetxe lied to the public when he was on the Home Shopping Network in November 2019.

On the show, he made claims that the Snow serum consists of photocatalyst, which is an ingredient that speeds up teeth whitening when exposed to light. The blue light is supposed to break down the peroxide quicker, providing better results.

Celebrities Named in the Snow Lawsuit

Not only was Snow, and its founder named in the Snow Teeth Whitening Lawsuit, but celebrities like Floyd Mayweather were as well. Football player Rob Gronkowski was also named in the suit.

The case states that Mayweather and Gronowski did promotional ads for the company. In fact, one of the ads for Snow’s Wired Teeth Whitening Light included a claim that the product was patent-pending and approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

However, the FDA has not approved any of Snow’s products, according to the lawsuit. Actually,  whitening products and other cosmetic products are not subject to FDA approval.

In addition to the lawsuit, Snow was also accused by for using the FDA logo on their advertisements. Once this information was made public, snow allegedly began to hide the FDA icons on social media posts and other advertisements.

In addition to false claims of FDA approval, Snow has been accused of falsifying awards from popular publications. The lawsuit states that Snow boldly tells lies, and their false claims have been forced upon consumers in over 500 countries around the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions about Snow Products 

You may be curious to learn more about the Snow lawsuit and Snow products. So, check out the FAQ’s below:

Question: Are Snow Whitening Products FDA Approved?

Answer: According to claims, false statements have been made saying that the Snow whitening kit is FDA approved. There was an article in Oprah magazine that stated that the kit was FDA approved. However, Snow products are not subject to FDA approval.

Question: Is Snow a Legitimate Company?

Answer: Although many consumers have been dissatisfied with Snow’s products, that doesn’t make them an illegitimate company. They are an established brand that continues to sell products to customers.

The truth is, they are a legit business and not a scam. Despite there being a lawsuit that questions the integrity of Snow’s products, they are a legal business.

Question: Should I Be Skeptical to Buy Snow Products?

Answer: Since there’s been a lawsuit filed against Snow, it’s damaged their reputation. However, you have to make an informed decision as to whether you’ll do business with the company. There are good reviews about their products from customers who state that they had a good experience. But you should always take precautions.

This is especially true when it comes to home whitening products—no matter which brand you use. If you are concerned about the quality and effectiveness of DIY whitening kits, then your best option is to allow professionals to whiten your teeth for you.

Question: What About Snow Product’s Good Reviews?

Answer: If you look up Snow products on their website and other sites, you may see many good reviews. But according to the lawsuit, the company doesn’t show negative feedback.

Apparently, Snow has a low rating on the home shopping network. Per claims, the company hides the fact that their products aren’t satisfactory for some consumers. 

The lawsuit says that Snow does not showcase the true number of unhappy customers on their website. 

So, you have to take the good reviews with a grain of salt. Look up Snow products on websites that you trust and read several of the reviews to get an understanding of how other customers truly feel about the products.

Question: Am I Covered by the Snow Lawsuit?

Answer: This suit states that Snow violates New York’s General Business Law. Therefore, it represents New York residents who bought the at-home whitening kit, the wired teeth whitening light, and the accelerating LED mouthpiece within the statute of limitations time frame.

Question: Is Snow Still in Business?

Answer: Yes, it is. Despite the claims made against the company and the lawsuit, Snow continues to sell products. Their website is up and running, and they are continuing to make a name for themselves.

Question: How Do I Sign up for This Class Action Lawsuit?

Answer: For the most part, you don’t have to do anything to join a class-action suit. If the case settles, then that’s when consumers can take action. Most class action lawsuits are opt-out, meaning that the class members are automatically included in the suit unless they choose not to participate.

Final Thoughts on the Snow Lawsuit

There’s no doubt that snow has made some questionable claims. However, they are a legitimate company and not a “scam”. There are satisfied and unsatisfied customers who try their products. Ultimately, you’d have to decide whether you feel comfortable using Snow products.  

Also, keep in mind that whitening takes time. Ultimately, the product may not work if you require professional treatment, or if you don’t allow enough time for work.

At this moment, Snow Teeth Whitening LLC has requested that a judge throw out the class-action lawsuit, which claims they have falsely advertised their products.

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